SBRC Seminars

Calendar dates of both internal and external seminar speakers: 

Seminars 2019-2021

Date Speaker and Affiliation Seminar Title
 5 July 2021

Dr Michael Daniels
Evonetix Ltd, UK

“Developing the next generation of gene synthesis platforms”

How silicon chip based DNA synthesis is overcoming the challenges of preparing long, accurate gene sequences. 

24 May 2021

Lucas J Pitcher 
Business Development Manager

“CODEX DNA BioXP – Fast Automated Benchtop DNA Assembly ”
A ‘lunch & learn’ opportunity to discuss your synthetic biology projects and Codex DNA’s unique BioXP 3250 platform for overnight custom DNA & mRNA production.

10 May 2021 Andrew Cunningham
Managing Director, GeoPura, UK
Hydrogen Fuel and Zero Emissions Power Now: GeoPura
8 March 2021 Professor Dr Volker Müller
Goethe-Universität Frankfurt, Germany
Overcoming Energetic Barriers in Acetogenic Conversion of Carbon Dioxide
1 Feb 2021 Dr Bryan Leland and Dr Tyson Shepherd
Inscripta, USA
Accelerating Genome Engineering with the Inscripta Onyx™ Platform
28 Jan 2020 Lee R Lynd
Dartmouth College, USA
Biological Deconstruction and Conversion of Cellulosic Biomass: Looking Beyond the Conventional Paradigm
11 Dec 2019 Prof Mark Szczelkun
University of Bristol, UK
How bacteria build molecular scissors to cut foreign DNA: CRISPR and restriction-modification
25 July 2019 Prof Mike Peck
Quadram Institute Bioscience, Norwich
Clostridium botulinum and foodbourne botulism
17 April 2019 Dr Bazli Ramzi
University Kebangsaan, Malaysia
Modulating Microbial Chassis for Omics-Driven Bioproduct Development
20 March 2019 Prof Dek Woolfson
Bristol University
The design and assembly of de novo proteins: from test tubes to cells
6 March 2019 Dr Francesca Paradisi
The University of Nottingham
Sustainable Catalysis: Enzyme-Mediated Synthesis of High Value Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals in Flow Reactors



Dr Alan Burbidge
SBRC, University of Nottingham


Dr Edward Green
Chain Biotechnology


Seminars 2018

Date Speaker and Affiliation Seminar Title
28 Nov 2018 Prof Philippe Soucaille
University of Nottingham
The Weizmann Process Revisited in The Era of Synthetic and Systems Biology for the Continuous Production of N-Butanol
23 May 2018 Dr Tuck Seng Wong
University of Sheffield
Accept Refuse: Lesson from a CO2-utilising bug
28 Feb 2018 Prof Orkun Soyer
University of Warwick
Undertanding/Engineering Cell and Community Metabolism
25 Jan 2018 Dr John Heap
Imperial College London
Building Synthetic Biology for Metabolic Engineering Beyond Model Organisms


Seminars 2017

Date Speaker and Affiliation Seminar Title
20 March 2017 Nils-Christian Lubke
Biele University, Germany
An introduction to iGEM
14 March 2017 Prof Alex Conradie
University of Nottingham
Integrated Industrial Biotechnology - A Natural Herbicide Case Study


Seminars 2016

Date Speaker and Affiliation Seminar Title
30 Nov 2016 Dr Andrew Blamer
University of Manchester
Synthetic Biology from End to End: Responsible Innovation in the Case of Synthetic Menthol
26 Oct 2016 Dr Ben Blount
Imperial College, London
Sc2.0: Designing, Building and Exploiting a Synthetic Genome
20 Oct 2016 Prof Brigitte Nerlich
University of Nottingham
Who Framed Synthetic Biology?
27 July 2016 Dr Arren Bar Even
Max Plank Institute, Golm, Germany
Synthetic Metabolism and the Formate Bioeconocomy: Addressing Humanity's Challenges
8 July 2016 Prof Jorge Hilbert
INTA Argentina 
Systemic View of Bioenergy and Biofuels Production in Argentina 
30 June 2016 Prof Guido Saracco
Ctr for Sustainable Futures, Torino, Italy
Towards a Worldwide Green Chemistry Web
25 May 2016 Dr Jennifer Atkinson
Barker Bretell Intelectual Property
Spotting and Protecting Innovation
20 May 2016 Prof Juan Asenjo
University of Chile
Modelling Metabolic Networks with Gene Regulation and Metabolomics of Streptomyces sp. for Novel Antibiotics
24 Feb 2016 Dr Roy Chaudhuri
University of Sheffield
Throwing a Spanner in the Works: Analysis of Gene Essentiality Using Transposon Insertion Sequencing (TraDIS)
27 Jan 2016 Prof Eriko Takano
Synbiochem, Manchester
Harnessing Synthetic Biology for Fine and Speciality Chemical Production


Seminars 2015

Date Speaker and Affiliation Seminar Title
25 Nov 2015  Dr Jamie Twycross
University of Nottingham 
Adventures in Computational Biology...or...Life at the Interface 
28 Oct 2015 Dr Alan Burbidge
University of Nottingham
Intellectual Property: Getting More Impact from Research
28 Oct 2015  Dr Edward Green
Chain Biotechnology
Building an Industrial Biotech Business from Scratch
19 Oct 2015  Prof Andrzej M Kierzek  Surrey FBA2: Tools for Mechanistic Modelling in Synthetic Biology 


If you are interested in speaking at one of our seminars, please contact Jacque Minton.