India-UK Workshop 2017

Valorisation Of CO2 And CH4 Gas From Anaerobic Digestion, Landfill And Other Biological Processes

Thanks to funding from BBSRC India Partnership Award, Professor Nigel P Minton was able to cement his valuable relationship with  Professor Arvind Lali (ICT-Institute of Chemical Technology,  Mumbai, India) and Dr Syed Shams Yazdani (ICGEB-International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, New Delhi) by organizing a joint workshop. 



Kindly hosted by the Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), Mumbai, India the workshop “Valorisation of CO2 and CH4 gas from Anaerobic Digestion, Landfill and other Biological Processes” took place on 9th-10th January 2017 and focused on feedstock supply, anaerobic digestion and challenges in the exploitation of biogas, in particular for products of specific interest to India.

The two-day workshop brought together 11 UK academic delegates and 15 Indian academic delegates from ICGEB and ICT plus representatives from the Indian Oil Corporation and from String Bio Pvt Ltd, an innovative new Indian start-up company focusing on the use of biomass-derived methane.


Dr Ying Zhang (Nottingham)


Dr Shireesh Srivastava (ICGEB)


Day one enabled delegates to showcase their areas of expertise while day two consisted of small group discussions to cross-fertilise ideas, draw conclusions and identify opportunities for collaborative research funding projects.

Featured talks from SBRC-Nottingham delegates:

  • Dr Lili Sheng – “Use of Geobacillus as a process organism”
  • Dr Ying Zhang – “Methylotrophs as chassis for CH4”
  • Dr Klaus Winzer – “Chemolithotrophic bacteria as chassis for CO2”