C1net - The leading network for gas fermentation


C1net is one of 13 Networks in Industrial Biotechnology & Bioenergy funded by the BBSRC (BBSRC-NIBB) to encourage the growth of Industrial Biotechnology in the UK.

C1net is dedicated to the development and scalable production of C1 gas fermentation for the whole IB community. It provides a cross-sector forum to foster and enhance collaboration between industry and academia in C1 gas fermentation. To this end C1net has funding for research projects, conferences, studentships, workshops and outreach.

Our Goal:

The overall goal of C1net is to create a vibrant community of UK researchers who will unravel the biological, chemical and process engineering aspects of gas fermentation and realise its potential through commercial application.

To achieve our goal we are:

  • Bringing together a UK-based cadre of biologists, chemists, computational modellers/mathematicians and process engineers, to better understand and exploit gas fermentation processes for translation into industry.
  • Encouraging participation by feedstock suppliers, technology developers, industry and end-users in the development of the technology.
  • Holding a series of sandpits for the discussion and development of cross-disciplinary research projects, including proof of concept studies, to be funded through pump priming funds administered through the C1net Management Board.
  • Fostering the development of major integrated grant proposals based on proof of concept studies.
  • Organising annual meetings of the leading scientists from the UK, including overseas representatives, open to the wider UK community, providing an update on the latest research findings.
  • Maintaining this website to provide regular updates and case studies on the research development.
  • Supporting and encouraging participation and development of the PDRAs and students and providing knowledge transfer through workshops and other training activities.

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